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Nondestructive testing services in Lafayette and Broussard, LA

From top to bottom and inside-out, maintaining your oil rig and other equipment can be challenging if you don’t have access to the right resources. in Lafayette and Broussard, LA, the trusted destination for comprehensive and thorough inspection is Premier Inspections, LLC. Our nondestructive (NDT) testing services are designed to investigate and monitor the safety and reliability of your equipment, as well as detect issues before severe damage occurs, saving you money down the road.

We offer a variety of nondestructive testing services, which include but is not limited to:

• Black light inspection
• Wet Magnetic Particle Inspection (WMPI)
• Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection (DMPI)
• Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT)
• Ultra Sonic Thickness (Wall Readings)
• Ultra Sonic Shearwave (UT)
• Visual inspection (VT)
• Full RSC dimensional
• Hardness testing (Brinell/Rockwell)
• ID Rattling

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Issues rarely arise when it’s convenient. That’s why Premier Inspections, LLC is available 24/7 in Lafayette and Broussard, LA to perform inspections when you need them most. Whether you’re having an issue with your oil rig or other equipment, we can handle everything from the crown to the ground. Partner with an experienced company in Lafayette and Broussard, LA today by calling 337-330-7033. We’ll update you on your equipment’s status right away!